Order of St. Michael

The Most Illustrious Order of Saint Michael the Archangel or more commonly known as the Order of Saint Michael is the most senior Kaharagian honour and the most prestigious Kaharagian chivalric order. Only the Valor Cross is more prestigious than the Order of St. Michael. The Order of Saint Michael was founded at the same time as the Principality of Kaharagia and consist of the Prince of Kaharagia as Sovereign of the Order, a senior member of the Royal Family as Principle Knight Companion, and fifteen other Knights or Ladies Companion.

Privileges of Membership
Individuals who are appointed to the order maintain ranking in the order of precedence after the Royal Family and before Counts of the Realm. Companions are also accorded the right to carry a sword at court and admittance to the Assembly of Notables, should it be called. Companions also receive VIP seating at important Kaharagian events, jubilee medals, and other things befitting their high rank. Companions of the order are also entitled to a grant of arms with supporters, the collar of the order surrounds their shield as well.

In Kaharagia knights and dames do not use the prefixes “Sir” or “Dame”. Knights and Ladies Companion are entitled to use the prostomial CM after their name. Knights and Ladies Companion (with the exception of religious officials) are the only people in the Kaharagian Honours System that are dubbed with a sword, though this is not a requirement.

Criteria for Membership
Appointing companions to the order remains the sole prerogative of the Sovereign. Individuals like Her Royal Highness Princess Sheilla is a Lady Companion because she is a member of the Royal Family. Individuals like The Count Lupro, The Baron White, and The Baron Magnussen have devoted immense amounts of time and/money to Kaharagia. Membership may not be petitioned and members may not be nominated.


Badge of a Knight Companion of the Most Illustrious Order of Saint Michael the Archangel

Insignia of the Order
The Insignia of the Order of Saint Michael is a gold collar featuring Eagles of Jupiter between disks featuring Saint Michael. Hanging from the bottom of the collar is the cross of the order surmounted by a crown. The cross of the order is a Maltese cross with white enameled arms with a golden Saint Michael at the center surrounded by the motto of the order. It would be impractical to wear the collar daily, therefore the cross can be worn suspended from a neck ribbon. Ladies not in uniform can elect to wear the insignia suspended from a bow. Insignia remains the property of the Sovereign and must be returned to him upon the death, resignation, or removal of a companion.

List of Knights and Ladies Companion
This comprehensive list shows all Knights and Ladies Companion of the Order of Saint Michael. There is no such thing as an honorary knighthood in Kaharagia, therefore foreigners are listed as full members of the order.

# Name Date Notes
1 The Prince of Kaharagia 16 July 2010 Soveriegn
2 The Count Lupro CM GCKE RSD PC ADC(P) 10 June 2011 Chancellor
3 Bishop Timothy Cravens CM DD 23 October 2013
4 Bishop William Myers CM 23 October 2013
5 Princess Sheilla, Countess Ericksen CM GCKE 23 October 2013 Principal Knight Companion
6 The Count Ericksen CM GCKE 8 May 2014
7 The Baron White CM GCKE ADC(P) 8 May 2014
8 The Baron Magnussen CM GCKE 8 May 2016

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