Who is eligible for a Kaharagian Honour?
The Kaharagian Honours System is open to all individuals citizens and foreigners alike. We hope that our honours system will recognize individuals who would otherwise be overlooked by other forms of recognition.

Who is disqualified for a Kaharagian Honour?
Individuals who are less than upstanding members of their community are generally barred from receiving an honour. Fake royals and nobles along with individuals with fake degrees or honours are expressively banned from receiving a Kaharagian honour. Individuals who nominate themselves for an honour are restricted for one year for consideration.

What is the age limit for a nominator and a nominee?
We don’t ask for ages during the nomination process nor do we solicit them during the review process. Age is not a factor we look at.

What does it cost to nominate someone? What does it cost to receive an honour?
Kaharagian honours are NEVER for sale. We never charge for you to submit a nomination and we never charge for someone to receive an honour. It is also our goal to not have individuals pay for their insignia, so donations are always welcome.

Is it required for me to return my insignia?
Knights and Ladies Companion of the Order of Saint Michael are gifted the insignia for life, but it is to be returned to their Sovereign by their next of kin. All other insignia is kept by the recipient but we encourage individuals to have it gifted back to us after their death for preservation and safe keeping. Individuals who are stripped of an honour are required to return the insignia to the Chancery of the Kaharagian Orders.

How are honours records kept? What is done for privacy?
When an honour is awarded, the records are kept on a index cards locked away. We don’t keep any information submitted to us except for names online. Only three individuals have access to the records.

I run a organization that would like to have medals designed and/or produced, can you help?
The Chancery of the Kaharagian Orders designs all of our insignia and we have it produced elsewhere. For assistance with designs and production contact us to discuss your situation.

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